Maya Nilo (Laura) présenté à Göteborg

Lovisa Sirén makes her feature film debut with a delightfully messy road movie where two sisters and a teenager daughter fight their way from Stockholm through Europe to Portugal.

Nilo (Bahar Pars) is a feminist writer, living an orderly life with her husband and 13-year-old daughter Laura (Nadja Rosenberg). When her irresponsible sister Maya (Zhala), whose projects constantly tend to bomb, both “kidnaps” Nilo’s Volvo and daughter and heads south, Nilo tags along. The goal of the trip is Portugal, where the sisters’ complicated mother (Susan Taslimi) recently diagnosed with cancer lives, together with Maya’s son, who it has finally become time to take responsibility for. Lovisa Sirén (Startsladden winner, Pussy Have the Power, GFF 2014) offers a trip where uncomfortable truths mix with laughter and tears in a film that explores female relationships and breaks the boundary for what a woman can be and do.

– Camilla Larsson