VFX Producer

Lieu : Bruxelles
Département : VFX
Contrat : Freelance

8 août 2018

Umedia is a vertically integrated film group with more than a 100 employees, based in Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris and London and that combines activities of international movie development, production, financing and VFX.

Umedia had already invested more than 500 million euros via the Belgian Tax Shelter and has contributed to more than 300 films and series.

Projects Management

  • Prepare and manage the project’s schedules, alert Production Manager and VFX Director/Supervisor in case of a deviation.
  • Responsible with the VFX Supervisor of managing client expectations for the project.
  • Main contact person for the client during production.
  • Ensure a a smooth communication between the people involved in the project: Director, Editor, VFX Supervisor, Post production supervisor, Lead artists, etc.
  • Work closely with Production Manager and VFX Supervisor/Director in order create and implement strategyes to achieve the objectives for the delivery of the project.
  • Work with the VFX Supervisor/Director to establish a workplan in order to deliver the project on time and in the best conditions, respecting the allowed Man days and artist’s costs. Alert Production Manager in case of deviations.
  • Support VFX Supervisors and Produciton Manager in the production of VFX Budgets and Quotes.

Team Management and follow-up

  • Work closely with the Production Manager and VFX Supervisor in order to create the teams for the project.
  • Responsible for coordinating the artists in the team (not managing in a technical way)
  • Supervise VFX Coordinator.
  • Inform VFX Business Assistant of the changes in the provisional arrivals/departures of the artists.
  • Help create a “great place to work” in the department and keep an optimistic and professionnel work ambiance.

Project follow up

  • Responsible for the project follow-up
  • Ensure that Shot Gun is up to date with all the information needed to reflect the advancement of the project and everything needed for the artists to be able to complete their work: Bids, VFX Description, Time logs, etc
  • Anticipate problems in the project in order to alert VFX Supervisor/Director and Production Manager to try to find an optimal and rapid solution.
  • Report to Production Manager and VFX Director regularly on the advancement of the project.

How to apply ?

Please send your CV and reel including a detailed breakdown to vfx_brussels@umedia.eu